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Alan Feltus

An Air of Stillness
Exhibition dates
November 9 - December 8, 2019


Exhibition artist
“I am most interested in paintings that have a balance between abstract composition and readable subject matter.”
Feltus Signature

Alan Feltus

A captivating air of stillness underlies all of Alan Feltus's figurative tableaus.  His self-possessed females and their male counterparts inhabit a private realm suspended in time and space, and nothing out of context interferes to break the spell. With his rich but unobtrusive brushstrokes, precise palette of tempered Mediterranean color and uncannily perceptive eye, Feltus gives expression to rarified and faintly voyeuristic scenerios suffused with longing, expectation, boredom, anticipation, uncertainty, and regret.  Both hypnotic and mysterious, his paintings pose many questions but reveal few answers.

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