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Chris Winfield

"I have tried to create a comfortable and inviting contemporary, art space with a rather eclectic mix.  The common thread is my own personal eye."

The Gallery Team

Christopher Winfield
Christopher Winfield
Gallery Director

From a young age, Chris was exposed to art through his father Rodney Winfield, an accomplished and successful artist. As Chris grew up and assisted in his father’s studio, he began to realize his own artistic inclinations, and went on to study at Washington University in St. Louis, earning a BFA in Multimedia. As a gallerist and artist, his eye for talent is keen, and he attracts a wide range of artists from young contemporary to well-established. He actively searches for new talent to bring to the gallery, many of whom he also actively mentors.

Molly Cybuck
Assistant Gallery Director

Molly graduated with a BFA from Syracuse University and continued as a freelance photographer and studio manager in Denver and Hollywood before arriving in Carmel full time.  She has been involved in the Arts ever since.  Currently, she has been Winfield Gallery’s Assistant Director for 14 years.

Helaine Glick
Writer & Independent Curator

Helaine Glick is an art advisor and writer for Winfield Gallery. She was an Assistant Curator at the Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, and has served two terms on the Board of Trustees at the Center for Photographic Art, Carmel.  She curated multiple exhibitions for both institutions, and has authored many brochure and catalog essays for painters, photographers, sculptors, and more.

Juan Barrera

Dreamarts’ owner Juan Barrera is an art handler, installer, and the main man for getting artwork where it needs to be. He is in charge of transporting much of the art that comes and goes from Winfield Gallery. He delivers to and picks up from private homes, galleries, and museums all over the western United States, and occasionally beyond.

Keli Pharaoh
Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Keli Pharaoh’s design philosophy revolves around clearing away the noise and finding beauty in simplicity. This results in design that is both contemporary and aesthetically elegant. With a background in advertising, her time working in an artist’s studio became a springboard to graphic design. She now works primarily in the arts and has clients throughout the United States.

stephanie workman
Stephanie Workman
Web Design

Stephanie Workman is the co-founder and Creative Director of Red Dot Media. Stephanie is a passionate design evangelist and creative brand strategist. Stephanie has spent years designing and directing work for some of the world’s most exciting and forward-thinking brands, such as IDEO, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Brave Blue World, Nvidia, SAP and Adobe.

Outside of work Stephanie explores the world, meditating in India, viewing museums in New York and shopping in Paris.

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Artist and collector Submissions

Winfield Gallery no longer accepts printed material submissions. Artists who feel they are a good fit with our roster of artists are invited to consign here.

Behind-the-scenes contributors

We would like to acknowledge the following behind-the-scenes contributors that are an internal part of the gallery family.

Photographers: Richard Forschino, Patrick Tregenza, Shane Young and Michelle Magdalena Maddox.